Cutting edge metrology specialist for the tobacco industry

About us

Cutting edge metrology specialist for the tobacco industry

Sodim has more than 40 years' experience in manufacturing physical measurement instruments for the tobacco and paper industries and has more than 350 customers worldwide who are among the most prestigious tobacco and paper product manufacturers.

Our history


Beaudesson Oven

Beaudesson Oven patented by future founder (SEITA) of SODIM. The Beaudesson manual oven remains a reference and its principle is still in use and improved by SODIM. Currently referenced in SODIM portfolio as the HUMIDIM


Sodim foundation

SODIM founded by SEITA on the 22nd of February 1978.



Birth of SODIMATIC, the very first complete test station first generation of paper POROSITY METER.


First PC control station worldwide

First PC (with DOS) quality control station in the world, the emblematical SODIMAT test station, SODISCALE fast speed weighing scale dedicated to lab and production environment


Evolution of a classic

HUMIDIM (Moisture meter) Automatic instrument based on the Beaudesson Oven.


Moving in new technology

Introduction of “MS Windows” in the SODIMAT and design of new POROSITY METER.


Start of highly customizable test stations

SODILINE series (1st generation): modular test stations with plug and play modules, dedicated to lab and production floor. Three highly customizable test stations that are designed to meet the highest quality standards and are ideal for both laboratory and production environments. Nine measurement modules are available.


A star is born

SODISTAR, for  measuring the gas diffusion capacity through, both LIP and base, paper that predicts the burn rate of cigarettes.

2008 - 2009

Accredited quality

The ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO 17025 (2009) accreditations confirm Sodim's exceptional performance, which is also reflected in the CORFAC ISO / IEC 17025 certification.


Becoming part of a global network

Transfer of SODIM from SEITA Group to HAUNI Group.


Introducing SODIQUBE & SPA

Sodim introduces two new machines to its portfolio:

SODIQUBE (1st generation): Integrated test station for standard measurements.

SPA (Smoking puff analyzer): human smoking topography behavior recorder to conduct large survey on cigarettes smoking.


Highly flexibility

With the second generation of the SODILINE series, Sodim increase the maximum flexibility of the redefined line with up to 20 modules. The six modular test stations in the SODILINE series allows to design a test station containing one to six modules to suit to each customer requirements. Totally adaptable to new products such as HTP or hemp where on the one hand products must respect strict norms and on the other hand needs to have the possibility to connect the station to the filter maker to adjust the production.


New family member

The SODISCAN - MWS becomes part of Sodims portfolio and is the first inside out rod scanner for capsules detection.


New measurement

The SODILINE series module introducing vision technology for filters and HTPs.


Small and delicate

The SODIQUBE 2nd generation enters the market with a reduced footprint, extension capacity and is now fully adapted for HTPs (short sticks).

2017 - 2019

Growing fast

SODIM moves to a new location in a larger building with a new partition of departments insuring an optimized flow of goods and information between sales, R&D, laboratory, quality, procurement and production floor. In the same manner Sodim although extended  the accreditation of the laboratory and compliance with new accreditation norm ISO 17025 version 2017.


Connecting machines & people

The new design of Sodims Human Machine Interface Sodi-QIS for SODIM test stations is now more user-friendly and improves speed and precision of measurements required by customers. Its flexibility is complying with short sticks (HTP) requirements and also with customers’ expectations for their future needs.


Ready for the future

Driven by creativity and strong knowledge of market requirements SODIM is and will remain a cutting edge worldwide specialist in designing and marketing metrology instruments for smoking and vaping products as well as cigarette paper and filters

Certified know-how

ISO 9001 v. 2015 accreditation

Sodim has over 40 years' experience manufacturing physical measurement instruments for the tobacco and paper industries and has therefore long been certified as a company in accordance with the ISO standard ISO 9001 v 2015.

ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 accreditation

Our laboratory issues calibration certificates bearing the COFRAC logo for pressure drop, ventilation standards and CFO, so ensuring maximum traceability for our customers.

General terms and conditions of business of the Sodim SAS

Conditions de la société Sodim concernant les prestations de service fournies à l’étranger.

Code of conduct for suppliers_FR

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the Körber Group.

Code of conduct for suppliers_EN

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Logiciels - Conditions d'utilisation

Conditions d'utilisation des logiciels_FR

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Conditions générales de vente (commandes d'exportation) de Sodim SAS.

Conditions Générales de Vente_FR

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Conditions de la société Sodim concernant les prestations de service fournies à l’étranger.

Conditions Services_FR

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Service Terms and Conditions (Abroad) of Sodim SAS

Service Terms_EN

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Terms and Conditions of Sale (export orders) of Sodim SAS.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Terms of Software Use.

Terms of Software Use_EN

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Ventilation filtre / Filter ventilation


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