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Products | 2015/03/03

Gentle picker for automatic sampling: SODIM-ASP

SODIM-ASP automatically removes samples of both cigarettes and filter rods directly from the mass flow of the maker on the production floor. SODIM-ASP is available as an option or retrofit for Sodim’s well-established SODILINE, SODILAB, SODILINE-EX and SODIMAX test stations for measuring the physical parameters of cigarettes and filter rods.

An extremely effective automation solution. The test station is located behind the mass flow area so as not to block access to production and the automated pickup arm of the SODIM-ASP is mounted above the mass flow of your maker. It removes cigarettes or filter rods directly from the mass flow before transporting them to the test station.

Easy integration and simple operation. You can install SODIM-ASP on the machine or remove it without interrupting production in the maker and there is no connection to the maker required: movement in the pickup area is detected automatically. SODIM-ASP operates independently of filter tip orientation and samples individually or in batches. The batch size and sampling frequency can be entered conveniently via the visualization system on the test station. Automatic sampling prevents any risk of the product being damaged during manual sampling and the samples are handled very gently.

ISO 9001 v 2015 certified.

Our laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and also issues calibration certificates bearing the COFRAC logo for pressure drop, ventilation standards and CFO, so ensuring maximum traceability for our customers.