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Instruments | 2021/02/18

Sodi-QIS (Quality Interface System) software

Sodi-QIS is the new embedded software for the Sodim test stations

Sodim has redefined the Human Machine Interface on the already approved test stations SODILINE series and SODIQUBE series. Developed from the experience SODIM acquired for more than 40 years as quality insurance partner, the Sodi-QIS software is designed to optimize and secure the quality inspection. Totally new and based on an SQL database the Sodi-QIS is the best solution to take advantage of all the potential of the SODIM test stations.

These news features include:

  • Simplified operation
  • Measuring time reduction by 30% (on a W, PD, PV, FV, D configuration)
  • Simplified calibration procedure
  • Better management and traceability of calibration operations
  • Backup and restore function
  • Security & Audit functionality

Running on MS Windows 10

ISO 9001 v 2015 certified

ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 accreditation.

Our laboratory issues calibration certificates bearing the COFRAC logo for pressure drop, ventilation standards and CFO, so ensuring maximum traceability for our customers.