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Products | 2011/05/11

New closed-loop control system available.

SODILINK-F is the new closed loop control system for the KDF 4 and KDF-M filter rod maker enabling the automatic measuring and correction of weight, diameter and pressure drop. The test station is made for the measurement of filter rods and ensures constant high quality production.

The Sodim test station is directly linked to the KDF and is automatically fed filter rods which are then measured in the plug and play modules:

  • Weight Measurements (Individual Weight)
  • Pressure Drop Measurement
  • Laser Measured Diameter Measurement 

The individual measurement results are evaluated through the KDF’s intelligent adjustment control system. In connection to the measurement data and the pre determined tolerance limitations adjustments are then carried out.

The current filter quality is then numerically and graphically available on the touch screen of the KDF for operator inspection.


  • Plug and Play ability
  • Robust & Easy to maintain
  • Complies with ISO and CRM standards

ISO 9001 v 2015 certified

ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 accreditation.

Our laboratory issues calibration certificates bearing the COFRAC logo for pressure drop, ventilation standards and CFO, so ensuring maximum traceability for our customers.