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Products | 2013/11/22

SODISCAN-MWS: Ensuring the quality of your capsule cigarettes and filter rods

SODISCAN-MWS is a high-quality monitoring system for the capsule filter market designed to ensure the quality of our customers’ capsule filters. The measuring instrument is used to check whether the flavor capsules are correctly positioned, absent, cracked or empty.

SODISCAN-MWS analyzes up to 80 filter rods or cigarettes per minute each containing between one and twelve capsules – that is up to six times faster than comparable instruments available on the market. Currently, SODISCAN-MWS reliably monitors and checks capsule filter rods and capsule filter cigarettes. The machine determines the position of the capsules with a precision of 0.25 mm. To guarantee this degree of accuracy, the minimum diameter of capsule must be 3.0 mm and the distance between two capsules must be at least 6.0 mm. The same applies to the minimum distance between the capsule and adjacent boundaries.

Due to its flexibility, the machine is capable of handling formats from 5.2 to 8.6 mm, with a filter rod length of 90 to 150 mm (other possible lengths on request). Like the Hauni makers, SODISCAN-MWS is equipped with the Beckhoff control system with VISU+ and a touchscreen interface for easy and intuitive operation. The software is also directly connected to a visualization system, which makes data analysis extremely quick and simple.

ISO 9001 v 2015 certified.

Our laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and also issues calibration certificates bearing the COFRAC logo for pressure drop, ventilation standards and CFO, so ensuring maximum traceability for our customers.