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Company | 2010/12/08

Traditional values – stronger together.

Hauni’s acquisition of Sodim SAS expands its range of offline measuring and analysis systems and opens up interesting opportunities for new developments. We present the highlights of the new portfolio.

“We have not only acquired a company with an established reputation in the market and with extremely competitive products,” says Group Manager Product Consulting Niels Ruge, who took part in the takeover and subsequent integration of Sodim into Hauni. “The core skills of Sodim and Hauni complement each other well and also offer enormous potential for developing new and existing products.”

Offline measuring systems have been the focus of sustained interest from customers and this shows no sign of abating. Sodim offers a broad range of high quality solutions to meet their needs. These include, for example, the rack mounted measurement range consisting of SODIMAX, SODILINE and SODILAB. This modular system is the only one of its kind in the world and functions as an automated test station for measuring the physical parameters of cigarettes, filter rods, cigars and cigarillos. It is operated via a touch screen and fully network-ready. “The large selection of measurement modules meets the requirements of the cigarette industry with regard to operating flexibility. All modules provide a built-in intelligence for complete, fast and easy module interchangeability between any and all three station types,” explains Eric Favre, Managing Director of Sodim.

Sodim products in strong demand around the world also include the PERMEABILITY and PAPER DIFFUSITY METERS. The PERMEABILITY METER is able to flow down to zero. “The automatic zeroing of pressure transducers before each measurement helps to avoid any drift from one measurement to another,” explains Favre. Moreover, the system features an automated paper feeding system and profile detection capability for low-ignition propensity papers (LIP).

The PAPER DIFFUSITY METER, which has been available since 2004, provides reliable and consistent measurements that predict the burn rate of cigarettes by measuring the gas diffusion capacity of cigarette paper when CO2 diffuses through it. It operates rapidly and semi-automatically and measures the diffusivity of conventional cigarette papers as well as that of the printed bands of LIP.

“The cigarette industry has devoted considerable resources to establishing a measurement norm that accurately predicts the burn rate of cigarettes, independent of the structure of the cigarette paper,” says Favre. “While traditional paper porosity measurement methods provide accurate air permeability readings, these are deemed less accurate in consistently predicting cigarette burn rates. This issue has come to the forefront due to the normative requirements relating to the introduction of LIP, where burn rates have become critical performance parameters for cigarettes.”

SODISCAN is another outstanding product in the Sodim range. This analyses tobacco density profiles and moisture content along the tobacco column using microwave technology. The clear graphic display makes the system easy to use. SODISCAN is a state-of-the-art solution, which allows access to individual rod profiles and profiling of filter rod density even during measurement operations. With an operating speed of two rods per second, SODISCALE is the world’s fastest weighing scale of its type and therefore suitable for weighing large quantities of filter rods and cigarettes. The automated device preserves the high quality of the product and is suitable for analysis, sorting and maker set up.

The first new instrument to be launched by Sodim since it was acquired by Hauni is also packed with user-friendly features. The new test station SODIQUBE measures the physical parameters of cigarette rods and filter rods providing reliable measurements of the values most frequently used by customers: diameter, weight, ventilation, pressure drop, and length (on request). SODIQUBE is a very compact mono bloc solution with new central electronics.

An alternative to the current closed loop control system for filter rod making has also been available since July 2010. This now makes it possible to connect KDF with a Sodim test station directly: the new SODILINK-F for the automatic measuring and correction of weight, diameter and pressure drop of filter rods. For Niels Ruge, this first new joint development proves that the partnership holds an exciting future for both companies, “It is a strong alliance, which preserves the traditional values of both companies and continues to strengthen them by working together constructively.”


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Our laboratory issues calibration certificates bearing the COFRAC logo for pressure drop, ventilation standards and CFO, so ensuring maximum traceability for our customers.