Quality insurance of standard gauges at Sodim

Since 2009, Sodim’s calibration laboratory is accredited by COFRAC according to ISO / IEC 17025

In 2018, the scope is extended to include the pressure drop gauges from 50 WG and the Borgwaldt type CFO specially needed in the OMIFlex stations.

The currently accreditation scope is:

  • Pressure drop gauges from 50 WG to 1100 WG
  • Ventilation gauges from 0% to 100%
  • Sodim critical flow orifice from 5.0 ml/s to 18.0 ml/s
  • Borgwaldt critical flow orifice from 17.0 ml/s to 18.0 ml/s.

Due to the revision of the guiding standard with a 2017 version, the calibration laboratory had to be reassessed and has passed successful this challenge in June 2019 in order to maintain all scope of accreditation detailed above.

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